4 Reasons That Political Texting Should Be in Your Campaign Toolbox

Written by Admin • May 22, 2023
A woman holding her phone while putting her vote in the ballot box

Are you searching for new and innovative ways to reach both voters and volunteers? It’s no secret that political campaigning is time-consuming and tough work, and you need every tool in your arsenal possible to make the most of your efforts. From social media to traditional flyers, you may feel as though you have exhausted every avenue possible to reach your audience. However, if you are yet to utilize political texting, you could be missing out on a game changing tool.

Below, our MudShare team has compiled some information regarding political texting as well as a list of key reasons why you should add it to your campaign marketing efforts. Keep reading to learn more!


What is political texting?

Big or small, campaigns of all sizes can find value in political texting. Whether you are aiming to be the President or your goal is to fulfill the office of your hometown’s mayor, political texting can help you to quickly and effectively reach both voters and volunteers. 

Peer to peer communication is at the heart of political texting, meaning that your campaign isn’t being spearheaded by AI or automated services. Instead, it allows you the opportunity to connect personally with everyone on your contact list in real time. You can answer questions, share information, and request updates or feedback in a direct and effective manner.


4 Reasons to Try Political Texting

Now that you have a little background information regarding political texting, it’s time to delve into why it will be a great addition to your campaign. 

Reason #1: High Open Rate

If you have been a politician or worked on political campaigns for any length of time, you are likely all too aware of how difficult it is to get your messages opened, especially emails. And as you know, if your messages aren’t being opened, then there is no way that you are reaching your audience. This is extremely frustrating and can make you feel as though all of your efforts are in vain. The good news? Political texting can help.

One of the first things that you need to know is that peer to peer texting has a 98% open rate. This is because text messages inspire a sense of urgency. When you receive a text message as opposed to an email, you are likely more inclined to check it as soon as possible. Your voters and volunteers have the same exact mindset! If you’ve been struggling to even get your messages read, political texting is your best bet.

Reason #2: Better Response Rate

Are you trying to get your volunteers to sign up for a time to work the polls? What about helping hand out flyers? Do you want feedback regarding your audience’s stance on a particular issue? As mentioned above, sending out emails can fall flat as they can end up sitting in their inboxes for days, or weeks, on end. Time is of the essence when it comes to political campaigns, and you would benefit from a quick answer.

Allow political texting to help you in this regard. With a 45% response rate compared to social media and email, you are sure to see faster results when it comes to engagement. Send out a link with sign up times or a survey. Ask a question to your voters. Thank them for a campaign donation. However you use political texting is up to you!

A smiling young woman at a polling place who remembered to vote thanks to political texting

Reason #3: Become More Transparent

All too often, politicians can be viewed as impersonal or distant. This can be a huge roadblock especially when your goals include helping the very people within the district or area where you’re running for office. If you have been struggling to connect with voters and come across more transparent, then give political texting a try.

A huge bonus to using peer to peer texting in your political campaign is that you can meet voters where they are. Having these personal, one on one chats via text lets them know that your communication efforts aren’t being boiled down to automated responses. Instead, it shows that you truly care about your constituents and want to give them a voice. If you want to come across as trustworthy and approachable, transparency should be at the forefront of your campaign.

Reason #4: Send Out Thank You Messages

Last but not least on our list, political texting creates an easy yet personal way to thank those on your contact list. Whether they made a monetary donation to your campaign or spent hours volunteering to help your message be heard, these individuals deserve your sincere appreciation. While there are many ways that you can offer your gratitude, including mailing out a card or sending an email, sending out a text can be very cost effective as well as assures that they are going to see your message. 

In addition to this, sending out a text message using peer to peer texting allows them to respond in real time. They may offer to sign up for an additional volunteer slot or ask how they can donate in the future! Keeping this kind of positive relationship with past volunteers, donors, and voters is absolutely essential. 


Political Texting Services From MudShare

While running for a political office, you have so much on your plate. You are more than likely trying to balance a very hectic schedule of attending debates, meeting with constituents, and keeping up to date with what’s going on within the scope of your intended office. That being said, you might not feel as if you or your campaign manager have the time to add political texting to your marketing efforts. Have no fear – this is where MudShare comes to the rescue!

Here at MudShare, we offer several plans for you to choose from, helping you to find what works best for both your schedule as well as your budget. You can choose between having messages sent in either a self-service or full-service (MudShare agents) environment. We also provide texting tools to help ensure that your messages are professional and well put together.

To learn more about our political texting services, contact us today! We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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