Want to Use P2P Texting Effectively? 5 Key Communication Tips You Can’t Miss

Written by Admin • July 28, 2023

Effective communication is key to good business practices today, and P2P texting (peer-to-peer texting) is the most effective method to ensure your communication gets where it needs to be in the most timely manner. 


P2P texting is real-time messaging that allows for two-way conversations. Numerous studies show the power of text messaging to be much greater than that of phone calls or emails. It is more efficient, less invasive, and people can read and respond at their convenience. Data shows their response rates are much higher and more quickly than with emails.


At MudShare, we make texting easy whether you need a robust team to manage your account or want to work with a self-service option. Either way, we are here to help you on the path to the best communication tools to meet your needs. 


Let’s look at tips for how using P2P texting effectively can improve your communication:

#1) Know your communication style

Being able to communicate with our peers in all situations will help us in answering questions, offering feedback, and providing information–all of which is critical to any business or organization. To begin with, if you understand your own communication style, it will help you know how to communicate with others. People will be able to tell if you are comfortable in your communication with them, so you want to maintain a style that suits you as much as possible. 


Also, keep in mind your relationship with those you are communicating with and how that needs to influence the manner in which you communicate with them. Do you need and want to be very direct with only facts? Do you need to be logical? Are you a storyteller in getting your point across? Think about the methods that work best for you in relation to the people you are communicating with to provide the best messages possible. 


At MudShare we can help you with just the right targeted message and how to get your communication across to your audience. 

#2) Pay attention to how others react

Track trends in your messages to understand how your communication is being received by others. To do this, you’ll want to take into account any positive and negative feedback you have received from those who you have communicated with, and you want to watch the actual numbers of responses you have received as well. 


Since the open rate for P2P texting is 98% compared to 20% for email, you should have an ample number of messages to consider once you begin using this method. If you take time to track the responses, you can figure out what is working well for you and, more importantly, what is not. Make the changes you need to make in order to get the greatest response to your outreach. 


MudShare agents can set up a system to track your data and provide you with the most helpful information to make decisions. 

#3) Find out how others want to receive communication from you

When you desire to communicate with others, it is your responsibility to find out their preference in receiving messages. Find out if they prefer texts, emails or meetings. If you need information back from them, you may want to find out how much lead time they need in order to get back with you. The more you are interested in and observant of the other people’s needs in communication, the more apt they are to respond to you with what you desire. 


In addition, pay attention to the style of communication you receive from others. This may prompt you in how you respond and communicate with them. Are they very direct and to the point, or are they apt to be more personal as well? If you are able to follow their lead a bit, you may want to do so. It won’t work for all communication since some messages may be going out to several people at once, but if you can mimic their style at times, they may appreciate the personalization.

#4) Tell them how to communicate with you

One of the most important things you can do for early messages with others is to let them know the best ways to communicate with you. How would you best like to receive messages? When would you prefer to receive them? Can you give people an approximate response time from you? 


All of this information lets others know you consider their upcoming messages important. It is confirmation of their importance.


Our MudShare team can help you understand the best ways to reach out and communicate your P2P messages in the most effective manner. We offer a number of technology-based services to meet the needs of your business or organization.

#5) If communication goes wrong, fix it

Even when using all of the best practices with P2P texting and taking your time to compose solid messages, there will be times that communication goes wrong. What you do not want to do is ignore the situation. Instead, face it directly. Whether the communication involved went to one person or several people, address it fully. Do you need to apologize? Send a new message with different or correct information? Whatever the need, follow through as soon as you realize the need is there. 


Good communications will benefit everyone involved, so you do not want to ignore any negative situation. Most people will understand and will appreciate you moving forward to correct any misunderstanding. 



If you want to make the most of your peer-to-peer communications, let our experts at MudShare help you revamp your communication efforts. We can help you develop a communication plan to meet the existing needs of your business or organization and to work toward growth and adding revenue. 


Let us discuss your needs and how to make your marketing efforts more effective. Contact us today to get started on the best plan for you!

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