Want to Get the Most From Your Text Messaging Campaign? 5 Tips to Check Out

Written by Admin • June 28, 2023
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Whether you are launching a new political campaign or you are trying to fundraise for your nonprofit organization, peer to peer texting can be an extremely effective marketing tool. This innovative technology can help you to quickly reach supporters, share information, and answer any questions that a subscriber may have. However, in an effort to ensure that you are truly making the most out of every message you send, there are a few key tips you should follow.

Below, our MudShare team has compiled a list of ways that will assist you in making the most of your peer to peer texting campaign. Keep reading to find out all of the details!


#1.) Double Check Your Contacts List

A crucial part of making the most of your campaign is ensuring that your communication is going out to the right audience. This boils down to having clearly defined contact lists. For example, if you are a nonprofit organization, you may have several different lists. One list might include previous donors above a certain dollar amount, another list may contain those who have expressed an interest in donating but have yet to do so. Not every message you send will apply to each list.

Also, remember that with peer to peer texting, a subscriber can opt out at any time. Should the recipient feel as though they are receiving too much irrelevant information, they could choose to unsubscribe altogether. If this becomes a trend with your contact list, it could put a serious damper on your campaign efforts.


#2.) Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

We know what you’re thinking – you only have 160 characters to send a text, how creative can you get? Remember that brevity is the soul of wit and there is a lot you can do with a little. You want to find the right balance between sending concise, relevant messages but also catching the attention of the recipient. When using peer to peer texting, don’t hesitate to use pop culture references, memes, GIFs, or other timely and fun methods to get your message across.

Keeping this in mind, don’t overdo it, though! If you are talking about a more serious topic or addressing a concern that a subscriber might have, your tone will need to be professional. Creativity and being playful has a time and a place. 


#3.) Spell Check is Your Friend

Regardless of if you are sending a lighthearted text or a more serious one, grammar and punctuation matter. Just like with any other form of communication, you are connecting with the audience as a professional entity. In order to be represented well, you want to show that you have attention to detail. A constant stream of typos or grammatical errors can damage your reputation.

In addition to this, if your texts are unreadable, a subscriber might get irritated and opt out of future correspondence. Everyone makes mistakes and spelling errors or forgetting a comma does happen, but try to run spell check and have a proofreader review any messages prior to sending them. 

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#4.) Give a Personal Touch

One of the best features on our peer to peer texting platform is the ability to give each text message a personalized touch. This means that whether you are sending a mass text message to five people or five thousand people, you can quickly and efficiently give each individual correspondence a personal flare. 

How does this work? We’re glad you asked!

Here at MudShare, our innovative technology allows you to quickly edit messages to include a recipient’s name or other details. This is part of the reason why it’s very important to have an organized and up to date contact list, as the templated message will use this list to plug in the necessary information. 

By taking the little bit of time necessary to complete this step, you will really show donors and supporters that they are more than just a number to you. Plus, by having their name included in the text, it is a great way to swiftly catch their attention! Everyone enjoys feeling both seen and heard.


#5.) Include a Call to Action

When you send out a mass text message to your subscribers, what is your end goal? Do you hope that they might donate money to your campaign or to your good cause? Is your goal to have them express their opinion on a specific issue? Do you want them to subscribe to your monthly newsletter?

Whatever you endeavor to get out of your peer to peer texting campaign, including a call to action will help to do exactly that. Call to actions, or CTAs for short, are very easy to include with every message that you send out. 

Below are a few common CTAs you might use for your campaign:

  • Click to follow the link to our social media
  • Visit our website to learn more
  • Subscribe to our newsletter today
  • Share your input by taking this quick survey
  • Reply to this text to find out more details

Including a CTA will assist you with getting the most out of your marketing campaign and will encourage your subscribers to engage with your texts. It is a win/win scenario all the way around!


Amp Up Your Peer to Peer Texting Efforts with MudShare

Using a brand new marketing platform doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. In fact, our MudShare team wants to make the process as easy and effective as possible. That is why we have not only created an extremely user friendly peer to peer texting platform, but we also provide the great level of customer service you deserve.

To get started with MudShare and to begin truly making the most of your text message marketing efforts, contact us today! We have several different package options available, including self-service and full-service, which includes utilizing our talented MudShare agents. Together, we can help you reach more donors, supporters, volunteers, and voters than ever before.

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