Think Outside of the Box With These 5 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Written by Admin • January 24, 2023
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If you work for a nonprofit organization, you know that fundraising is a constant priority at the top of everyone’s list. After all, you rely on these donation dollars to pay employees, keep the lights on, and above all else, fund your cause. However, in an economy such as the one we’re currently in, securing these funds is much easier said than done. This means that you’re going to have to get creative and think outside the box if you want to keep things operating smoothly.

Don’t worry, our team at MudShare is here to help! That is why we’ve compiled a list of creative fundraising ideas that can help give you a leg up. Continue reading to discover some new fundraising tactics, including the implementation of a P2P texting platform.


#1.) Switch Up Your Fundraising Events

Do you feel as though you’ve sold countless tickets to balls, banquets, and auctions? Is it starting to feel stale or are you noticing a decline in ticket sales? While these types of events do serve their purpose and have their time and place, you can really benefit from thinking outside the box. 

For example, take a closer look at your local businesses and see what they have to offer. Can you arrange a bowling tournament at the local bowling alley? What about joining forces with a family-owned rock climbing gym? What about a wine tasting at your community’s botanical garden? Finding new and fun ways to raise money will make a world of difference with drawing the interest of potential donors. Plus, getting local businesses involved can boost public relations and strengthen community relationships.


#2.) Talk With Your Volunteers

It is no secret that your volunteers are the lifeblood of your nonprofit organization. Without their countless hours of dedication, your cause wouldn’t have nearly as much traction as it does now. That being said, no one understands your work quite like your volunteers do. Don’t be afraid to talk with them about potential fundraising opportunities or what new, fresh ideas they might be willing to bring to the table. 

Sending out a survey is also a great option! This is something that you can easily do when utilizing a P2P texting platform like the one we offer here at Mudshare. Not only is it an amazing way to connect with donors, but it will also allow you to stay in touch with your volunteers. Regardless of how you communicate with them, though, just be sure to approach it with an open mind and be prepared to take notes!


#3.) Reach Out to Celebrities or Influencers

Depending on the size of your nonprofit organization, you may feel as though partnering with someone such as a celebrity or influencer is out of the question. That being said, you should know that you don’t have to pull in the world’s biggest movie star or rely on using an influencer who has millions of followers on social media. Instead, look around within your local community! There are so many talented individuals with a substantial amount of celebrity or following that would be willing to either donate their efforts or make an appearance for a small fee. After all, if it’s for a good cause, their heart is going to want to be in the right place, too!

Where do you begin with your local search? Consider reaching out to your local news anchor, meteorologist, or radio personality. Any of these individuals are likely seen as leaders in the community and would make a great emcee for an event. If there is a local restaurant with a respected chef, see what they would charge to lend their services for a banquet or even to host an exclusive cooking class. Not only will they make the event more successful and fun, but their presence will help sell tickets and in turn, raise more money for your organization. 

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#4.) Get Back to Your Roots

If at all possible, when hosting fundraising events, get back to your roots. For example, if you are a local animal shelter or an animal rehabilitation center, put on events that involve the animals. Bring dogs or cats to the event, when appropriate, and allow potential donors to safely engage with the animals. Not only will this provide a real world look at that kind of work that you do, but it will also provide the donor with a memorable experience. Being able to have that kind of tangible, hands-on experience will create a lasting impression on donors and inspire them to give money to our cause again and again.


#5.) Use a P2P Texting Platform

Last but certainly not least on our list is the implementation of a P2P texting platform. By utilizing peer to peer texting, you can reach donors quickly and efficiently. P2P texting is so much more effective than other communication methods, such as email or phone calls. In fact, your text messages will have a 98% open rate, which is a massive leap beyond email’s mere 20% open rate. Also, text messaging has a 90 second response rate, whereas email has a 90 minute response rate. 

The benefits of using a P2P texting platform doesn’t stop there! You can engage with donors on a personal level, which is very important when trying to gather donations. When texting them, you can thank them for their past support or their invaluable attendance at a fundraising event. Plus, you can keep them informed about future events or donation opportunities. Should they have questions about anything, they can quickly communicate with you without having to take time to schedule a phone call or research the information. 


Contact Mudshare Today!

If you are ready to add a P2P texting platform to your fundraising strategy, then make sure to contact Mudshare today! We are fully compliant and offer our clients a variety of package options to choose from. No matter what your budget is or how big your fundraising campaign might be, we are here to help. 

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