The Top 5 Reasons More and More Businesses Are Using Peer to Peer Texting

Written by Admin • July 21, 2023
Professional Woman using best peer to peer texting platform to send texts to clients

Peer-to-peer texting is the perfect way for businesses and organizations to have more control over all of their communication to clients and customers. P2P texting is widely used and allows individuals to send and receive messages from each other without going through regular text messaging through mobile phone carriers. P2P texting helps you reach your audience wherever they are. 


Text messaging is a convenient, cost-effective way to reach people. Today, people prefer this method of communication over other methods like emails and phone calls. With the progression of texting, we communicate more often and share more information in a timely manner. 


Close to 100% of all texts are read within one minute of receipt, and the average response times are much quicker than email as well. Your text messages are almost 10x more likely to get a response than other methods of communication. 


For your business or organization, it is important to find the best peer to peer texting platforms to serve your purpose, and Mudshare can be just the resource you need to make your communication needs become a reality!


Top Benefits of P2P Texting

Text messaging is one of the most effective ways to communicate with others, and the emergence of its use and newfound importance with evolving technology is no surprise. 


Businesses and organizations are reevaluating how they reach their audiences, and it may be time for you to do the same. Using P2P text messaging allows marketers to target potential customers in a very cost-effective way. There are numerous benefits to utilizing peer-to-peer text messaging. Let’s look at a few:


#1) Freedom from cell phone carrier charges

Once you’ve chosen the best peer to peer texting platform for your business and set up your business or organization, you are then able to utilize the service without individual charges for text messaging. Users can send as many texts as they like to as many individuals as they choose. 


#2) Customize mobile numbers and messages

A popular feature of P2P texting is the ability to customize numbers as you see fit. You are able to establish your own local number for your texting list, which makes the messages feel much more personal and individual. 


You are also able to personalize your texts using the recipients’ names and tailoring messages to their interests and needs instead of sending more generic messages. Texts are associated with the people closest to us, such as friends and family. This makes texting a wonderful opportunity to portray a closeness with clients and customers in your communication efforts with them. 


Surveys show 75% of customers want offers sent to them via text message. Evidence indicates that over ten times more coupons are redeemed when they are sent via text rather than in print form, and 90% of customers have gained value from text message loyalty programs. 

#3) Multiple recipients per text

You are able to send personalized mass text messaging from your own dedicated local number to entire lists of recipients. You can send text messages to multiple people at the same time, with the messages appearing to be individual and personal to each recipient. Messaging sent from P2P platforms appears just as personal as if you were sending a message to a family member or friend. 


Since you are writing messages that will be read primarily on cell phones, be certain to optimize your content for the smaller screens. Use shorter paragraphs and bullet points to make your information easier to read. 

#4) Convenient messaging

Exchanging instant messages in real-time using P2P technology means that users can communicate with one another in a way that is convenient for them. This is beneficial for busy professionals who want to stay in touch with clients or others in the most convenient way. 


It is nearly impossible to catch busy people via the phone in today’s world, and even less possible to interest many to have phone conversations due to their busy schedules. Text messaging is ideal when you don’t have time for a phone call or the need for a phone chat. Text messaging is unintrusive for the recipients because they do not have to stop what they are doing at that moment and can, instead, read and respond when they have a few minutes to spare. This convenience is what makes text messaging a preferred communication method for most people today. 



#5) Management of text messages

One of the most overall beneficial advantages to P2P text messaging platforms is the ability to manage the text messages. Users are able to log onto their accounts online to gather information and data about their accounts. 


Copies of text messages both sent and received can be downloaded for review or documentation. In addition, you can search for specific texts if you find the need to do so. 


Is finding the best peer to peer texting platform right for you?

Since surveys indicate that 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business, it is easy to see how relevant texting has become to our everyday society and communication. 


The numbers do not lie when we are looking at the effectiveness of utilizing a P2P texting for your communication needs. It has become a more robust and powerful tool for communication. While emails are opened at 20%, studies show texts are opened at a rate of 98% and have a 45% response rate. You simply cannot underestimate the power of texting over other communication methods. 


Let Mudshare help you set up P2P!

At Mudshare, we are a marketing technology company that specializes in peer-to-peer texting as well as offers a number of other technology-based services that increase engagement and drive revenue as you continue to build your company or organization. 


Contact us now! Let’s discuss your needs and how we can make your marketing efforts more effective! Let the professionals at Mudshare assist you in making your communication efforts best serve you.

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