Political Texting: 6 Commonly Asked Questions That You Need Answered

Written by Admin • November 11, 2022
A woman holding up her 'I Voted' sticker

The entire landscape of political campaigning has drastically changed over the years. Where once it entailed knocking or doors and handing out flyers, digital means such as political texting and social media are the go-to methods. Political texting can be an especially effective way to reach voters, answer platform questions, and remind them about what day to vote and what their polling locations are. 

That being said, you probably have a few questions about political texting that you would like answered before you pursue more. This is only normal! That is why our team here at MudShare has compiled a frequently asked questions list that can help you get started with peer to peer texting for your political campaign:


Question #1: What exactly is peer to peer political texting?


Generally speaking, political texting is a way for campaigns to stay in touch with voters and generate awareness and support. When using a peer to peer texting campaign, it allows for a more personal connection between the person who originated the text and the recipient. Even if the voter already knows who they are supporting at the polls, they can still subscribe to texts to get information about the campaign directly from campaign staff. All in all, it can be a very effective communication tool, especially for those in the political realm.


Question #2: Is political texting legal?


First thing first: yes, it is legal. However, just like any other form of advertising or commercial or political communication, there are rules and guidelines put forth by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC for short. Prior to starting a political texting campaign, be sure to consult with your legal team about how to proceed moving forward. When working with an experienced peer to peer texting platform such as MudShare, know that we also have an understanding of these rules and encourage you to strictly follow them. 


Question #3: Can people unsubscribe or opt out?


Yes, the most certainly can. If someone no longer wishes to receive text messages from your campaign, they have every right to do so. Opting out should be simple and entail sending back a message that says ‘STOP’, ‘OPT OUT’, or ‘QUIT’. While it might be unfortunate that someone wants to be taken off your list, it is your responsibility to honor that request and see to it that they no longer receive communication. Not following through with that request might land you in hot water while also damaging the reputation of your campaign.

Question #4: Is political texting effective?


In this day and age, there are countless platforms that you can use to reach voters. Between snail mailing postcards to TV commercials to updates on social media, you might be wondering if political texting is any different. Will it be effective for your campaign? One of the first things that you should know about peer to peer texting is that the numbers don’t lie. Text messages are opened within three minutes of receiving them, they have a 98% open rate, and have a response time of 90 seconds or less. That’s pretty impressive! When compared to email marketing campaigns, these numbers are astounding. 

Not only that, but the peer to peer texting model allows for the text message recipients to respond in real time. If they have a question or concern, they can text back right away. This gives your campaign the opportunity to reply and have an open conversation with someone who might otherwise be on the fence. This is not something that you can get with a TV commercial or printed postcard!

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Question #5: What is the best practice for setting up a political text message?


When it comes to political texting, the information you share can cover a huge array of topics. For example, you might be reaching out to inform your supporters about an upcoming political rally. Or, you could be updating them in regards to your stance on a certain topic or piece of legislation. What you can share with your audience is practically limitless, but you do want to go about it in an effective way.

3 Quick Tips

When it comes to writing your text message, here are three quick tips you should consider:

  1. Give it a personal touch! Include information about the voter’s district, city, or state. If you can, even include their first name to let them know this is a message that they will directly care about.

  2. Make sure to include a call to action! A call to action invites the recipient to get up and do something with that information. This could include liking something on social media or even motivating them to head straight for the polls.

  3. Don’t be afraid to put a little flair in your text! This is especially important if you are trying to reach young voters. Without going overboard, including something fun like a gif or emoji can help capture attention and can make you appear more relevant.


Question #6: How do you get started with a texting campaign?


The good news is this: political texting doesn’t have to be overly complicated. If you are wanting to add political texting to your campaign, you only need three essentials. First, a list of supporters’ phone numbers. Second, a clear message you want to communicate to them. Last but certainly not least, a peer to peer texting platform. That is where MudShare comes in!

Here at MudShare, we can make your political texting as easy as putting on that ‘I Voted’ sticker. Our experienced team has created an extremely user friendly texting platform with several package options to choose from. Whether you want a little more control or are comfortable handing over the reins, we have you covered!

To learn more about MudShare and how to get started with your own political texting campaign, contact us today! Regardless of if you are running for mayor or trying to get elected as the next governor of your great state, our services are equipped and ready to help campaigns of all sizes. 

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