Increased Engagement: 8 Texting Tips You Need to Know

Written by Admin • October 27, 2022

Did you know that the average American checks their phone a whopping 334 times per day? Based on that statistic alone, it is no wonder that peer to peer text messaging has a 98% open rate. However, opening the text message is only the beginning. You want your audience to read and engage with what you have communicated! 

Though this might be easier said than done, our team here at MudShare has a few expert texting tips that you can use to increase engagement and minimize opt outs. Check out the list below!


1.) Keep It Relevant

When it comes to texting your audience, you want to make sure that you are communicating timely and relevant information. For example, if you are a clothing boutique, you wouldn’t want to text that you’re having a sale on bathing suits in the middle of sub zero temperatures! By keeping information relevant and relatable, you will also build a rapport with your customers. They will trust that you aren’t just sending them useless spam and will be more likely to stay subscribed.


2.) Liven Things Up

While one of the best things about peer to peer text messaging is the ability to keep things short and sweet, you can still liven things up every now and then! Consider sending a picture of your product or a trendy and funny GIF along with your text. This can be eye catching and humorous. However, just be sure not to overdo it. You won’t want to annoy or overload your subscribers!


3.) Give It Time

After you have sent out a text message, give it time to settle prior to following up again. Your subscribers will need a chance to digest the information presented before making a decision. This is especially true in the realm of political texting. If you are asking questions and seeking active engagement, allow them the opportunity to respond before sending a follow up text. Be mindful that you are contacting them on their personal phone! 


4.) Emphasize Deadlines

Regardless of what industry your business is in, when using peer to peer text messaging, it is valuable to emphasize deadlines. For example, if you have a special flash sale, make sure that you create a sense of urgency by reiterating when the sale ends. If you are using political texting, make sure to clearly communicate election day and how late polls are open in various locations. In the case of travel agents, you can let customers know about a special window of time for a deal on a flight or hotel. Time is a very valuable resource and critical factor when it comes to staying in touch with our subscribers.


5.) Create Call to Actions

According to research posted in Psychology Today, the average adult person makes an astounding 35,000 choices per day. That’s right – per day! You can help make decisions easier by prompting subscribers with a call to action. Call to actions are typically a set of words or phrases that encourage customers to go beyond the initial text or email. Some good examples include ‘Shop now!’, ‘Click to learn more!’, or ‘Read more on our website!’. For non profit organizations looking to raise funds, a ‘Donate now!’ prompt is also a good idea.

The point of call to actions is that they help persuade a subscriber to make a decision. If you want your business, product, or service to be a part of that 35,000, it’s important to include this type of language in your peer to peer text messaging. 

A small business owner uses peer to peer text messaging to stay in touch with customers

6.) Use Custom Links

In this day and age, if there is one thing that most smartphone users know it’s that you shouldn’t click on a link that looks like spam. Spam links can inadvertently cause you to share personal information, such as your name or account information. However, on the other hand, businesses want to be able to share links to get customers on their website or to read more about a special promotion or product. 

The best thing you can do in this situation is to create customer links. Embed personal links in your peer to peer text messaging as a way to communicate additional information while also building rapport. You want subscribers to know that you are a reputable and trustworthy business


7.) Strategically Include Opt-Outs

The main complaint from consumers in regards to business emails is that they are often difficult to unsubscribe from. It can be a huge hassle to get taken off of a company’s email list. This results in emails getting marked as spam or simply ignored. Text message marketing, however, usually just includes sending back a quick text that says ‘STOP’. While a blunt set of instructions at the end of each text message can be an easy way to go, if you can, strategically integrate the option to opt-out but also in a way that is both clear and concise. 


8.) Offer Special Promotions

For retailers and service providers, one of the best ways you can increase engagement is by offering a special promotion only available to text message subscribers. For retailers, you can encourage customers to shop in store and get a certain percentage off when they the cashier the promo text on their phone. If you are a service provider, such as a massage therapist or hair stylist, you can encourage customers to book an appointment using a specific coupon code and receive an additional discount. People love to save money, and this can be an excellent way to boost sales.


Peer to Peer Text Messaging

If you have been thinking about using peer to peer texting for your business but haven’t yet, consider using MudShare. Our expert peer to peer texting services will get you set up with everything you need to communicate with your audience quickly and effectively. Using these tips, as well as other marketing tools, you are sure to see increased engagement and revenue. 

To get started with MudShare, contact us today! We would be happy to give you a quote as well as answer any questions you may have about our services.

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