5 Must-Read Benefits of Using Political Texting

Written by Admin • August 17, 2023

The message of a political campaign contains ideas the candidate or organization wants to share with voters. It is to get people who agree with the ideas to support the candidate when running and to work to get others to move toward supporting their positions. 


In recent years political texting has proven to be the best method for this, and MudShare has everything you need to make your move to this robust form of communication work for you!


Let’s look at some excellent benefits of using political texting to advance your campaign today:

#1) Increase engagement

Increasing engagement is the most important and effective way to build and strengthen relationships with voters. Successfully engaging supporters is vital to any campaign, and text messaging promotion opportunities are endless. 


Numerous studies show the power of texting. Research indicates that Americans check their phones an average 45 times each day. There is a 98% open rate for text messages, far higher than the 20% for emails. Engaging voters in real-time adds to the value of its effectiveness. 


At MudShare we can help you with a plan to communicate in the method that is most preferred by consumers today. 

Young Adults engaging in political texting

#2)  Draw younger supporters

Many young adults are eager to be active in politics and have definite ideas about policies and the future, and texting them can engage them with your candidate or campaign. Gaining the listening ear of the younger generations can add to your marketing efforts, and listening to them will increase your knowledge on needs that you may not have considered. 


Remember, many people, especially those who are younger, skip ads on TV and social media. They skim right over them on their phones and computers, and they often watch TV through streaming channels rather than cable. 


Research indicates about 200,000 text messages are sent each second, and young voters would prefer a text than a phone call. At MudShare we know that since response rates for text messages are 45% with often only a 90-second response time, this is by far the most advantageous manner to engage younger supporters and bring them into your campaign as workers or at least voters. 


#3) Recruit volunteers

Although you will consistently continue to engage your contacts, recruiting new volunteers is crucial to continue the effectiveness of any campaign. Drawing in younger people is one of the ways to do this; another way is drawing people to your ideas who may have had differing ideas in the past. In addition, you may be able to call some people to action who had previously believed the same as you but not yet been politically active. 


Oftentimes when you have collected data from your supporters, you may be able to find volunteers in a particular area to canvas neighborhoods, host small gatherings or talk to others they know personally about elections. This demographic data collection system also makes for an efficient way to organize volunteers who may be able to work together for common goals. 


We are able to organize data collection, mobile canvassing and analytics to assist with these goals and more at MudShare

#4) Raise Funds

For over a decade now, text messaging has been considered legal by the Federal Election Commission  for raising funds for campaigns. It is critical to use the most effective marketing tools when raising money, but it is also important to ensure you are fully compliant with the latest TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations. You can be assured that at MudShare we are well-versed in the latest TCPA regulations and can ensure your campaign maintains all necessary requirements. 


Some recent studies indicate that for every dollar invested in a texting campaign an average of $20 was donated making it one of the most effective fundraising methods. This type of marketing campaign allows you to provide information, request donations, thank contributors and supporters, and recruit volunteers once you achieve support. Our professional team at MudShare can get you on your way to success with a campaign to raise the funds you need to ensure success. 

#5) Get out the vote

Political texting allows you to maintain contact with your supporters and keep them in the loop with information and events, and the most important event for any campaign is election day. 

Programs such as those we offer at MudShare allow you to schedule text messages with reminders about these important dates, so you can set up texts to supporters for last-minute reminders on Election Day.

Recent research by Tech for Campaigning indicates that 1% of those reached by text messages were more likely to vote and 10% of those who responded to text messages were more likely to vote. This may not look like a significant amount, but since several recent elections have been won by very small margins even this number can be important.



If you want to boost online traffic with the communication preference of your supporters and potential supporters, then you should employ texting to optimize your strategy. It is by far the most timely communication method, and it is a real-time, two-way method that can be advantageous to your campaign. 


Texting is the least intrusive way to send your message to others. Recipients can read it immediately, as many people do when they receive texts, or they can wait until a time when they are less busy if they are in the middle of something else. It remains easily accessible to the recipient, is considered conversational and concise, and is a trusted medium of communication. 



At MudShare our tools were developed to help campaigns connect with their supporters. Our professionals can help you reach voters, raise money, deliver your message, and collect and analyze the marketing data from your efforts. 


Our Marketing technology company specializes in the peer-to-peer texting and other technology-based services that can increase engagement with your supporters and drive revenue for your campaign. 


Let’s discuss your needs and how we can make your marketing efforts more effective. Contact us if you are ready for MudShare to increase your campaign’s effectiveness.

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