5 Major Pros of Using a P2P Texting Campaign

Written by Admin • October 20, 2022
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If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that just about everyone has a cell phone these days. While there are many ways to reach potential customers through their phones, such as calling or utilizing social media, one method that often gets overlooked is P2P texting. However, more and more businesses, both big and small, are starting up texting campaigns. Why exactly is that?

First of all, unlike some of the other marketing methods out there, P2P texting offers a more personalized approach. Texting strips away the detached feel that an email often has while also not feeling as intrusive as a phone call. Thanks to this level of a personal connection, customers or potential clients are more likely to open the texts and respond positively to the interaction.

To learn more about the major pros of starting a P2P texting campaign, continue reading!

Pro #1: Higher Open Rate

When it comes to choosing a marketing strategy, you want to go with the one that will be the most successful. It is important to look closely at the data and research the numbers. Well, we have good news for you: P2P texting has a 98% open rate. That is extremely impressive, especially when compared to the mere 20% open rate that email marketing has. 

Why is texting so much more effective? Why are more people reading text messages versus emails? The answer to this question boils down to this: a sense of urgency. Generally speaking, text messages inspire a greater sense of urgency than compared to an email. If you get a text message, even while at work or running errands, you are more likely to check that than opposed to your email inbox. Plus, P2P texting has the added benefit of being direct and straightforward, where emails can sometimes be too encumbered with unnecessary information. 

Pro #2: Budget Friendly and Cost Effective

One thing that can sometimes hold businesses back from using P2P texting is the cost. While yes, you do pay for a service and the platform, you don’t need to have a marketing degree to know how to use it. Emails and social media usually require the help of a marketing manager or someone who has skills in design. Finding a creative and knowledgeable person to run these types of marketing campaigns can be costly. However, when it comes to P2P texting, all you need to do is send text messages, something that everyone knows how to do!

Text messages are usually limited to 160 characters. There is no need to get flashy or worry about unloading a lot of information. It is a fast and effective way to communicate sales, store hours, extended holiday hours, and even offer special coupon codes exclusive to text message subscribers. Anyone on your team can use P2P texting with only minimal training, 

Pro #3: Real Time Communication

Have you ever gotten a marketing email from a business with information about an upcoming sale but at the bottom it very clearly says ‘do not reply to the email’? This can be very frustrating from a customer standpoint! It discourages customers from asking questions or interacting with the business and in turn, deterring shoppers or clients from making a purchase. How can you remedy this situation? We have a simple solution: P2P texting.

With P2P texting, you can open up the conversation with customers, clients, and even voters. You can ask questions, offer surveys, request feedback, and even follow up regarding past purchases or appointments. Communication should never be a one way street, and P2P texting makes that point abundantly clear. Being interactive with your customer base allows you to build up a rapport, and that rapport is vital to repeat business

Man using P2P texting to stay in touch with customers

Pro #4: Permission Based

Did you know that in order to text your customers, clients, or voters, they have to opt in? With P2P texting, your clientele can both easily opt in and opt out of receiving text messages. This sort of permission-based service is highly appreciated and feels a lot less intrusive. Unsubscribing from emails can be a hassle and sometimes, people aren’t even sure how a business got their email address in the first place. 

Fortunately, P2P texting is permission based. Whether they register to sign up at the counter or opt in for text messaging while making an online purchase or appointment, make sure to include an ‘opt in’ clause. Also, allow for customers to easily unsubscribe from texts by quickly replying back the word ‘STOP’. Using these measures will make sure you are following the proper P2P texting etiquette. 

Pro #5: Boost Sales

The holidays are right around the corner, and for many retailers and service providers, this means it’s prime time to promote sales and run specials. As many are well aware, one of the easiest ways to draw a sale is by offering a coupon code or discount. However, did you also know that when utilizing P2P texting, companies had 10x more coupons redeemed than when using a physical coupon? While a few may have gone ahead and made a purchase even without a discount, it is a no brainer that this method increased sales.

If you are looking to sell more merchandise or book more appointments this coming holiday season, then make sure to check out P2P texting! Even sending out a quick coupon code to customers can be highly effective. Plus, you don’t have any paper waste or additional expenses that comes with creating paper coupons!

Contact MudShare 

As you can tell by our list, P2P texting has many great benefits and can help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Because it is simple to use and cost effective, P2P texting is an excellent way to reach more customers, clients, and voters. If you are interested in adding this great service to your marketing strategies this year, then make sure you contact our team at MudShare today! We can answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with a quote. Don’t hesitate any longer – reach more customers quickly! 

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