6 Key Ways That P2P Texting is Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

Written by Admin • August 24, 2023

If you are promoting a business or organization and need marketing of products, information or ideas, you are missing out if you haven’t moved to peer-to-peer text messaging to meet your digital marketing needs. This mode of marketing has changed strategies in ways that you can now use to make your processes more beneficial from conducting market research through collecting customer feedback. 


Then, once you decide on P2P texting for your marketing, Mudshare can make texting easy with a robust account management team to handle your needs or assistance through a self-service option, if that is more your interest. Once the needs for your marketing campaign are determined, we can set up exactly the level of assistance you require to meet them.


What is P2P texting? 

P2P means peer-to-peer or person-to-person, and this refers to the communication between two or more people over text messages. It is a quick and efficient way to have a conversation, which is why it has grown as a method of marketing communication. 


This method is commonly used in politics and nonprofit organizations because of its ability to reach large numbers of people in a conversational manner which is much more personal. Also, it allows these organizations or businesses to collect real-time data. The data aids them in decision-making as they move on for further marketing efforts. 


Let’s look at way P2P texting is changing digital marketing today:

#1) Convenient messaging

This real-time, two-way method of conversation is the communication preference of customers. Along with having the highest deliverability, open and engagement rates of all methods of communication, it is also one of the least invasive. 


People can open a text when they have time and respond the same way. They are not interrupted in the same way a phone call does, and messages are more succinct and generally quicker to reply to than an email. 


Mudshare would love to share more research showing how peer to peer text messaging may be right for you in today’s market to meet the needs of a fast-paced customer base that is looking for convenience. 

#2) Customize messages and features

Peer to peer text messaging is not regulated by telephone carriers, so users have more freedom in the types of features of texts they can send. Since there are no fees, no ads will appear on the messages sent between users as with some social media. 

Other features can include appointment reminders if you have subscribers, easy list management and the scheduling of messages to be sent out at later times. These can assist you in taking care of your customers or clients and others who need the information you may have to provide. 

#3) Custom numbers

One of the most popular and handy features of peer to peer text messaging is the capacity to handle countless numbers at one time and to personalize them in the way that best fits the needs for your business or organization. 


Personalization will help others feel more personally connected to you and your message. 

#4) Multiple recipients

Another beneficial feature of P2P service providers allows you to send a single text message to numerous recipients. This feature comes in handy when you need to message several people simultaneously.

Group texting outside using peer to peer text messaging

MudShare’s various tools are to assist you in reaching your audience wherever they are. They were developed to help campaigns and nonprofits connect with their supporters. Whether you’re trying to reach voters, raise money, or push marketing messages, we’ll get your message delivered.

#5) Data management system

Peer to peer text messaging providers create an online account so users can access all sent and received text messages. They can also browse for particular messages and delete those they no longer need to retain.


At Mudshare, we offer a data collection app that eliminates the time entering the contact information of prospects, colleagues, and vendors into your address book or company CRM (customer relationship management). It’s easy, instant, intelligent, and it’s compatible with all smartphones.


Reviewing data collection and the details found can assist in making solid decisions going forward in your marketing efforts. The information can include numbers of responses and who they were, in addition to demographics of the texts you sent out and the responses you received. 

#6) No network carrier bills

Since mobile carriers do not use P2P providers to regulate text messaging, there are no monthly fees for sending or receiving text messages. This means users can send and receive an unrestricted number of texts at no cost, which can help them reduce their expenses on mobile phone bills. 


Why P2P: Let’s look at the numbers

Numerous studies indicate the power of using peer to peer text messaging. The greatest indicator is that the open rate for text messages is 98%. This is huge in comparison to the next highest, which is 20% for email marketing. 

There is a 45% response rate, which is higher than email, phone or Facebook, and the response time averages 90 seconds compared to 90+ minutes for email responses. 


In addition to these, coupons sent by text messaging were redeemed at 10x the number compared to print coupon programs.


The numbers tell the story. P2P text messaging is the effective way to reach people in today’s market.


Why use Mudshare for your P2P text messaging provider?

Mudshare is a marketing technology company that specializes in Peer-to-Peer Texting and offers a number of other technology-based services that increase engagement and drive revenue for your business or organization.


We serve a diverse number of industries and have a strong team that can meet your needs. Mudshare will help you with contact management, identifying market needs, messaging strategies, canvassing, data collection and demographics and analytics. We can help you easily track all communication and nurture relationships. 


READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP? Let’s discuss your needs and how we can make your marketing efforts more effective. Contact us today, so we can get started enhancing your marketing needs.

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